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The Writer's Notebook is now one year old

The 21st of December marked the one year anniversary of the launch of The Writer's Notebook, and what a year it has been! We now have our first anthology of winning stories published, and is available to purchase via Amazon. The amazing cover was provided by Diana Bedrossian, and I have provided a bonus story of my own to accompany the twelve winning stories of 2015. Our winning authors from 2015 have since received their first share of profits, and I hope sales continue throughout the year.

Following the success of our first year, the contest has kicked off again. If you want to be one of our winning authors and see your short story published in our second anthology make sure you take a look at the Call for Entries page. Also, make sure you carefully read through the How to Enter page, as so many people each month are missing out by not following these instructions.

One of our winning authors: Giovanni Cirillo (author of Tomar the Terrork Tamer) currently has a campaign running on Publishizer - if you enjoyed the fantasy world of Tomar the Terrork Tamer you can pledge to pre-order Giovanni's novel Eidolon Keeper of Swords. Upon reaching 100 pre-orders, Giovanni's novel will be sent to multiple publishers for consideration. You can pre-order your copy now at Publishizer until the 3rd May 2016

Also congratulations to our October 2015 winner Anita Ponton who has won another short story contest and has been published in Artificum magazine. If you would like to read her winning entry 'Marta' you can purchase the Spring 2016 edition (issue 2) of Artificum magazine here.

Finally, our Feb 2015 winner Misty Mikes has published a piece of flash fiction called Delightful Devilry which you can find on Amazon for the incredible price of $0.99

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